About Mike


  • ROGER WATERS – “The Wall” Live Tour 2010 – 2013
  • DON HENLEY – “Cass County” Tour 2015
  • MARIAH CAREY – 1996 – 2016 Tours
  • LADY GAGA – 2014 tour
  • SELENA GOMEZ – 2013 tour
  • MICHAEL JACKSON 2009 – 2011 “This is It” Tour: Sound design and Digital Performer programming.
  • MADONNA – 1990 – 2005 Tours
  • BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – 2002-2003 Tour Programming
SHAKIRA – 2002-2003 Tour Programming
U2 – 2001 Tour programming and first 4 shows
  • TLC – 1999 – 2000 Tour
  • FLEETWOOD MAC – 1997 Tour Programming
  • WHITNEY HOUSTON – 1991 – 2000 Tour Programming
PAULA ABDUL – 1991 – 1992 Tour & 1995 – 1996 Tour (as Musical Director)
EARTH WIND & FIRE – 1987 – 1997 Tours
  • CHICAGO – 1995 – 2000 Tour Programming
  • LENNY KRAVITZ – 1991 Tour Programming
JANET JACKSON – 1993 – 1995 Tour Programming
  • MOTLEY CRUE – 1994 Tour Programming
BARRY MANILOW – 1997 Tour Programming
  • LIONEL RICHIE – 1998 and 1999 tour programming

Television shows, etc

  • 22 YEARSAward winning short film 2015. Composer and mixing.
  • LIKE MIKEShort film 2010. Composer and additional sound effects.
  • PROJECT ABADDON – Film in progress 2015-2016.Additional composer and sound effects.
  • MARIAH CAREY – 1996 – 2016. Tribute to Heroes, AMA, BET, Grammys, VH1 Divas Live, MTV Video Awards, Blockbuster Video Music Awards, SNL, Oprah, Letterman, Rosie, The View; Billboard Awards 2015
  • ROGER WATERS – 12/12/12 Tribute For Hurricane Sandy; Stand Up for Heroes 2013; “The Wall” Feature Movie 2015.
  • DON HENLEY – Austin City Limits 2015
  • CHRISTINA AGUILERA – 2010 Oprah and VH1 shows.
  • AMERICAN IDOL – Season 6 – Jennifer Lopez; Idol Gives Back (Celine Dion and Elvis Duet; Josh Groban; Earth Wind and Fire; El Divo & Rascal Flats); Pink; Season 5 – Carrie Underwood; Stevie Wonder; & Season 5 Finale
  • KATHERINE MC PHEE – 2007 Promo Tour Jay Leno, Today Show, Regis and Kelly, AOL sessions, Rachel Rae, Jimmie Kimmel
  • U2 – Grammys & British Music Awards 2001
  • JENNIFER LOPEZ, Ja Rule, and LL Cool J – MTV USO Show 2001, Oprah 2002, Today Show, American Idol, Ellen 2007
MADONNA – American and British Music Awards 1995; HBO 1993, 2001 & 2004: MTV Europe Awards 2005
  • CELINE DION – 1998 Grammys, 2007 American Idol duet with Elvis Presley
  • GEORGE MICHAEL – “5 Live” 1995, “Older” 1996, and “Best of George Michael” 1998
SPICE GIRLS – SNL, Letterman & Rosie O’Donnell TV show 1997
  • WHITNEY HOUSTON – Super Bowl, Soul Train, Nickelodeon, Grammys & Oprah 1994 – 2000
  • EARTH WIND & FIRE – “Heritage”, ”Millennium” & “Greatest Hits Live” CDs; Today Show, HBO, VH1, “Grace Under Fire”, NHK 1987 – 1997
  • 98 DEGREES – TV Special and Promotional Dates – 2000
PAULA ABDUL – MTV, HBO & NHK – 1992; “Tonight Show”, “Friday Night Videos” – 1995
David Foster, Barbra Streisand, Usher, Mary J Blige, Josh Groban, William Joseph, Rene Olestad, Diana Ross, El Debarge, James Ingram, Tom Jones, Michael Bolton, Motown Live, BET Movies & Anniversary, “Batman & Robin”, George Howard, Riff, “Duet”, “The Simpsons”, Patrick Swayze, Thomas Helmig, MCA, Julio Iglesias, Sports Illustrated Awards Show 2000, Michael Jackson, Take 6 and numerous other projects and tours.


“Mike is the consummate professional and he’s second to none. It’s always a huge relief to know that Mike is involved in a project. He’s thorough, efficient, works tirelessly and makes everyone else’s job THAT much easier. He’s the first one there and the last one to leave. When you step into Mike’s world and watch him work a live show, nothing goes wrong. He’s focused, knows each venue and it’s limitations and anticipates the unexpected. Day after day, show after show, tour after tour. There is no second call. If Mike’s not available to do a project, you will need to hire two very talented and experienced people to even come close. He gets my highest recommendation and respect.”

October 5, 2008 Kevin Guarnieri, Recording Engineer, Randy Jackson/Mariah Carey

“Mike McKnight, is, truly, a master craftsman in his field. He is an innovator and leader in the art of live concert performance / tour support. As an accomplished and talented musician and computer audio programmer, Michael brings nothing less than his best to every show and tour he is involved in. He is one of THE MOST (extremely) professional and highly skilled people I know in the music business. I have done many live shows with Mike and I am ALWAYS impressed with his focus, his attention to detail, his ability and his skill in handling what absolutely has to be one of THE hottest and most demanding seats to sit in during a live show. Mike’s job is one of immense responsibility. Mike always comes through with flying colors. Mike is a strong team player and is highly respected in the music industry. I am always relieved to know that Michael is going to be a part of the show. I know with his support, the show is going be a success.”

October 1, 2008 Dana Jon Chappelle, Recording Engineer/Mixer, Mariah Carey

“Mike has always been an innovator in this particular field. Many of us in the business would not have the opportunity to work if Mike had not been there to invent and prove the position, in technical practice as well as in hardware that has been made and modified for the particular need. Always patient and willing to share his knowledge and expertise, Mike is a strong team player and a truly committed individual.”

September 16, 2008 Eric Morris, Programmer, Worldwide Touring Groups

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