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Keyboard asked me to keep you guys posted about ways to update your old analog keyboards, like the chop I did to my Hammond A-100 recently. I found a company called Synthwood (synthwood.com) that did a great job rebuilding my Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and Pro-One, and Moog Taurus 2. They specialize in custom woodwork for synthesizers, but will install custom electronics like mod and pitch wheels that light up and flash at∑the rate of the LFO as well as other mods. They did an amazing job restoring my Prophet-5, getting it into mint condition inside and out. A description and pictures of exactly what they did are online at matrixsynth.blogspot.com/2007/07/ synthwood-prophet-5-case.html.

Recently, George Mattson of Syntar fame got involved with Synthwood. Tooling up for Synthwood gave George the opportunity to build his own cabinets for his eagerly awaited Mattson Mini Modular synthesizer. They also took in a Moog Taurus 2 of mine that had been beaten up and replaced the wood sides, so if you have any old wood-paneled synths, chances are they can make them look better than new. -Mike McKnight’,’Interested in getting your old-school synth rebuilt with exotic woods? Here’s some very beautiful work in cocobolo for a vintage Minimoog (at left) and a Moog Voyager (at right). My Sequential Pro-One is in the process of being done with paduk wood (after DHl destroyed it in shipment…) (pictures are available in the picture section).

The Pro-One is one of my favorite synthesizers, but it has a less-than-deserving vacuum-formed plastic case on a metal chassis. Since the chassis was more or less a similar design to the Prophet-5, Synthwood thought it might be possible to make something that resembled a mini Prophet-5. Stephen at Synthwood contacted Dave Smith and asked him if he would allow them to use a slightly modified version of his Poly Evolver wheel box design for the Pro-One project. They had already built a prototype using the wheel box from a keyboardless Prophet-T8, and Dave was happy to help.

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