Hey Mike,

Did you ever get one of the Hammond A100ís you have ìchoppedî (taken out of the church style cabinet and put into a more portable custom cabinet)? Who does that in the LA area?



Hi Steve,

That has been on my ìto doî list for years but just recently I got it done and couldnít be happier with it! I had 2 Hammond A100ís in my vintage keys studio from one of my Ebay buying binges. When I came to I realized that it just didnít make sense to have two big church organs, and since the A100 is identical to a B3 electronically, itís the perfect candidate to be chopped. I also had a Leslie 910 that was totally trashed that I wanted to get fixed at the same time. Bill Axman and his wife Joanna of Alltek Organ and Keyboard Service in Corona, CA (website – http://alltekorgankeyboard.com/Site/Welcome.html ) did the chop and repairs for me. Check out the before and after pictures! They do amazing work.

Bill and Joanna will do house calls in the LA area if you need basic repairs, but chops like this need to be done at their shop. Itís a very complicated process to first dismantle the A100, remove the electronics, build the new custom cabinet, add hardware, install the A100 electronics, and tolex the cabinet. Check out how they had to turn the A028 Hammond amp on its side to make it fit (inside A100 picture).

Joanna does the custom cabinet, tolexing and wiring, with Bill doing additional wiring and repairs. They went through the organ and Leslie and replaced whatever tubes and electronics that had gone bad and wired the organ so that I have several outputs (see rear panel) for a 122 Leslie, a 910 Leslie, and 1/4î out. There is an input for a pedal that changes speeds on the Leslie (top) and the bottom 2 1/4î jacks below that are for the Ernie Ball volume pedal. They completely serviced the organ and Leslie so everything is working perfectly and it just sounds amazing!

I wanted to go for more of a rock n roll look rather than the black carpet covering they usually put on their chops so I went with Red Marshall Tolex on the A100 (looks kindaí like a Vox Super Continental on steroids!) and black Marshall tolex with Marshall tweed grill cloth for the 910 Leslie. The Leslie 910 had to be almost completely rebuilt, but now itís just screaming loud! Thereís nothing like having a Leslie on both sides, no Virtual Instrument even comes close to that sound.

The only thing that some organists might miss are the bass pedals so I bought the Moog Taurus pedals to add to my ìprogressive rockî rig, all I need is a Prophet 10 on top and I can play with ìYesî! If only it was that simple! Feel free to email me if you have any additional questions. Mike

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