I just purchased my first Hohner D6. Do you know anyone fairly local (OC or LA) that does repair and/or upkeep work on these instruments?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.




In LA thereís a company called Advanced Musical Electronics http://www.advancedmusical.com/ (310) 559-3157 that does work on Clavinets and other vintage gear. Theyíve been in business for 26 years fixing just about everything, and if youíre not in the LA area you can send your gear to them.

A really good site for Clavinet parts, upgrades and repairs is http://www.gti.net/junebug/clavinet/. My personal favorite site for finding old and rebuilt parts for a lot of vintage gear is http://www.vintagevibe.com/c-13-hohner-clavinet-parts.aspx. If you want your clavinet to be repaired and restored ìjust like Stevieísî then check these guys out http://www.elecedge.com/
They also restore Fender Rhodes as well. There are many other sites out there just google clavinet and you can waste a whole day finding cool stuff! Mike

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