Mike’,’Iím in the initial planning stages of putting together a fast, rack-mounted P4 machine whose primary purpose will be running Cakewalk Sonar and Project 5. As this will be an expensive machine, Iím curious as to how having other high-performance applications (like Photoshop) would affect it. The apps would not be running at the same time as the music software.


Well, Kofte, I just do things a certain way because Iím a bit paranoid ó I do big tours where anything going wrong is my butt in a sling. So I keep my show computers free of any other applications Iím not totally comfortable with. However, in my studio, I have all kinds of applications running: Internet, games, everything. . . . If I can beat it around for a while without problems, then Iíll put those applications on my backup touring computer, but still never on the main system.

Keep in mind that I use Macs, not PCs; either way, if youíre running a computer with an OS that is more or less bug-free (not necessarily the newest version of course) then youíre probably okay with (legitimately licensed) programs like Photoshop, but like you said, not running concurrently with your music apps.

Like I said, Iím just a bit more careful than I probably need to be, but thatís why Iím still working at this level. All itíd take is one major meltdown on tour or on TV, and Iíd be flipping burgers! Mike

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