I have a system based on hardware synths: Clavia Nord Rack2, Novation Super BassStation, Elektron Machinedrum, Ensoniq ASR-X sampler. I have them all connected to a MOTU MTP AV.

I want a reliable solution for storing and recalling patches on those synths through Digital Performer. I donít want to edit the synths from a patch editor, I just want a way to have my patches recalled when I open various projects in DP.

Thanks in advance.


If youíve done a lot of custom sound programming for each song, hereís what I would suggest: Add MIDI tracks for each synth, and transmit the sys-ex data for each synth to the respective tracks upon completion of the song. When you call up the song again, simply play those tracks to each synth, and youíll have the sounds you used for each song right there. Obviously, youíll need to have each synthís MIDI in and out plugged in and sys-ex recording enabled in DP, and on the respective synthesizers for this to work.

If youíre using the factory patches, put a patch change at the beginning of each MIDI track to get the synth to the right sound. Document as much as possible in the Comments window. That really comes in handy down the road.

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